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I do not accept paypal or any form of currency other than :points: here

Point commissions:
Yes I'm now opening point commissions to make a certain vector or oc a cosmic pony. However i am busy with things like fanfic, and maybe video games and whatnot so i will set some rules and limitations.

:bulletblack: FIRST OFF DO NOT DONATE THE POINTS FOR THE COMMISSION If you are expecting something for payment, then it's not a donation! Simple as that.

:bulletred: To start Send me a note detailing what pony you want to be a Cosmic pony This one should be obvious but please wait for a response before sending the points because....

:bulletorange: I will not accept more than 5 commissions a week Chances are i may want to work on my other projects. So if there are more than 5 commissions for me that means that i won't be able to do them all this week. fee free to ask again next week though.

:bulletyellow: I will reply to your notes so please do not give me the points until I've made it clear that i will do that commission I don't want you to spend the points only to be disappointed be 'cause i can't do the vector

:bulletgreen: Make sure there's a link to a vector of your OC I may not do the that particular vector. but at least that will make sure there is a vector of your oc.

:bulletblue: If you want me to do an OC, MAKE SURE it is your Own redundant i guess but at least that way i know that the commission for for that same person. If you still want me to do another deviant's OC have him/her note me then.

:bulletpurple: NO PONY CREATORS The last thing i want to do is churn out ocs in the same pose. make it unique and preferably with both eyes showing.

Prices: (For one vector each, maximum purchases: 4 per customer, per week)
OC: 5 :points:
Canon Charterer: 15 :points: (it can be from any generation, but make sure that the pony in questions in G4 style, that it is an actual charater in the show, or toylines. ALSO make sure you have the Vectorer's permission [unless you're the one that made the vector yourself.])
Group Vectors: 40 :points: (Group vectors involving the actual characters of the show or toy-line. No OCs.)

Or if you want to do it yourself i have a tutorial available.

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:iconmlp-fim-wallpapers: :iconnormalbrony:


Okay I seen the S4 finale as soon as it aired. and I've known of the Rainbow Power much earlier (as I'm sure many bronies have) And as I found 2 cents yesterday, I'm gonna throw them in.

To start a major point of contention are the colored streaks in the manes. As a guy who like colors and color theory I'm gonna focus on them.'

Twilight Sparkle: She gets a yellow streak. As it is Yellow is a complement of Purple. And her primary color scheme is over all "dark". However her name refers to the meeting place of day and light. And yellow is ofthen associated with the sun. So the yellow streak would refer to the sun, and by extension her mentor, Princess Celestia.

Pinkie Pie: Her steak of Yellow and Cyan could refer to the CMYK color model. at first glance that might seem at odds since hat refer to ink, then printers, then dull office settings. However these 3 are very bright and vibrant colors. And are actually the Primary colors used in blending (though Magenta and Cyan are confused for Red and Blue respectable, do to them technically being shades) The "K" part is black and Pinkie had black streak in the toy line (not canon but still worth mentioning). There also seems to be an orange streak as well. Whick along with yellow goes back to the sun symbolism, this this time referencing her perpetual optimism and happiness

Rainbow Dash: No new colors as She already has all the colors of the Rainbow (and Magenta doesn't actually exist within the visible light spectrum or the Rainbows)

Applejack: The red should be obvious being the most common and stereotypical color of apples

Fluttershy: Her tealish streaks could refer to the forest (where most of the animals she tends are associated with) or spring

Rarity: Like Pinkie, her streak might also refer to the CMYK model (again sans black). However the fashion trends change all the time and with them what colors are "in style" so This might be a more overt reference to color blending or the "is the new Black" saying as she tries to be a trendsetter rather than a follower. A Shepard instead of one of the Sheeple. Colors are very important in art, which fashion and haute couture are a part of.

Another noticeable change are the wings. They have ceased the monochrome aspect and Incorporated the some of the mane colors. Twilight's now have some subtle pinks leading to the purple tips. Fluttershy has teal leading to pink and Rainbow Dash's are the Primary colors we know (Red Blue and Yellow) with purple edges

As for the manes. Well for those who actually watched the finale, you'd noticed that Twilight's fight with Tirek has a lot of DBZ vibes. I think the poofiness are yet another homage to DBZ as well as the original MLP toys (Which are made in the 80s if one recalls)

And so I end my reasoning for Hasbro's changes. While I say that I like them a little bit I will admit that they could have been handle better.

In other news. I Have gotten a 3ds recently and gotten Rune Factory 4 as well as playing Bravely default.
Okay I know that most of my art is more pony-related, but I figured I'd take the time to talk about a different topic.

Christmas of last year, nintendo has released an app called "Pokémon Bank" on the EShop in Japan. The app was a cloud-based storage program that also came with a method to transfer pokemon from older games (Namely Black, White, Black 2 and White 2) to X or Y. However the eShop crashed that day and subsequently the app was removed.

The app was a little controversial because it has an annual fee of $5 and you need it to use the transferring method (older games have that feature built in, though the process was tedious)

Since then the app is back in Japan but the planned western release was delayed.

Well that's what Nintendo led us to believe.

Since the crash people have been whining and moaning about Pokebank especially in wake of the revelation that Japan would get it back. meanwhile Nintendo's been suspiciously silent on the matter only tweeting that pokebank has been released in Japan.

I believe that either Nintendo or Game Freak doesn't see the western world as deserving of Pokebank (As big as Pokemon is in the west there are still a bunch of stuff that never left Japan including some anime episodes. granted in the latter case the episodes would have fared well anyway).

Some might ask "But why would Nintendo/Game Freak lie?" 2 reasons: 1. They were planning on releasing it in the US but the crash happened and then their American branch's twitter account was harassed about pokebank (to the point that some irate gamers issued death threats to Nintendo) so they decided that the west is undeserving of the app and withheld it. 2. They dug a hole when that said they would release it on the 27th of December. The Wii U is failing and they had to take paycuts. Needless to say if word of Nintendo lying about releasing Pokemon bank got out it would become to Nintendo what the Watergate scandal was to Richard Nixon; a scandal that would ruin them. Stocks will plummet, people would trust in Nintendo, the media would cover the story like they did with the seizure episode. This scandal would likely bankrupt Game Freak and maybe Nintendo. And Pokemon Bank (if not the franchise itself) would becoem the symbol of Nintendo's double standards regarding the west.

So the developers have two options: wait until the west is seen worth Pokebank or come clean and face scandal and their impending doom.

The way I see it they would likely keep up this charade until people forget about pokebank or one day release it to the west. But know that Nintendo is a company first, and big business is never holy or clean.

So what do you think about the Pokemon Bank delay?


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