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Carousel Boutique 9:00 AM Friday.

Rarity let Twilight take care of the Crusaders while she went to work on her clothes. She heard a knock on the door. On the other side was a teal unicorn, with pink hair that was curled similarly to the dressmakers, but with a yellow swirl and some or witch was straightened.

Rarity: Hello there. Welcome to Carousel Boutique.

???: Hello. I'm Dewdrop Dazzle. I saw my friend Fancy Pants talk about you dresses and want to see them myself.

The white unicorn let Dewdrop see trough her dresses. All appeared as wonderful as she heard, until she came across a rainbow ensemble with a helmet not unlike those of the royal guard.

Dewdrop: Hmm. So even artists have their off days. Well I'm sure their few and far between.

The unicorns sat down and started talking about the dresses.

The Elliptic 11:00 AM

Rasalhauge had ran into Castor and Pollux.

Rasalhauge: Pollux, Cassstor, Jussst the Fey I wanted to sssee.

Pollux: What do you want I'm busy. and we only have enough magic from the rations to use our spells twice each.

Pollux's arms were mixing chemicals.

Rasalhauge: I just wanted to know about sssome dragon ssstatues.

The arms dropped the beakers and test tubes. The two-headed Fey looked shocked.

Castor (head turned): What kind of dragon statue?

Twilight's Library 11:01 AM

Twilight was busy reading from her new books. While Spike was busy foalstting the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She turned the first page of "Truth of the Fey" Book. She began rading aloud.

Twilight: A thousand years ago. When the dracoequus ruled Equestria. A species of evil creatures appeared a forest on it's outskirts...

The Elliptic 11:03 AM

Castor: ...The Fey had inhabited the forest for some time. Back then we had a Queen. A tyrant.

Rasalhauge: I sssee, who isss thisss tyrant?

Castor: She was called...

Twilight's Library 11:04 AM

Twilight (reading): ...Queen Eltanin of the Nemesis. She had tried to confront Discord and the Princesses with powers far more wicked than Discord...

The Elliptic 11:05 AM

Pollux (head turned): ...The reason she lost to her enemies was because unlike the Dracoequus who CAN control his powers but uses them to cause chaos; and the Princesses who try to make the land for peace and prosperity; The Queen would use them to destroy this world and bring it back together just so she can destroy it again...

Twilight's Library 11:06 AM

Twilight (reading): ...her powers and by extension those of the Fey are similar to those of the Princesses except they controlled the very stars. Their powers are similar to Discord's powers as well. But to a far lesser extent. In fact the only Fey with the power to match Discord's was The Queen herself...

The Elliptic 11:07 AM

Castor (head turned): ...But as she found out when confronting her adversaries. Her powers can't match them.

Rasalhauge: Ssso what happened to our Queen?

Pollux (head turned): She went on to battle Discord and but he overpowered her and trapped her in another dimension...

Twilight's Library 11:08 AM

Twilight (reading): ...When the Elements of Harmony petrified Discord, They also banished the Fey and their queen to Tartarus. Never to be heard from again. The chaos flowing in that forest is what gave it the name of Everfree. and the Queen herself has been sealed in...

The Elliptic: 11:09 AM

Pollux: ...A dragon statue. How ever shreds of their power had condensed and created monstrosities such as the Ursa bears and Changelings as well as trapped itself within one of the Princesses, gradually amplifying her sadness...

Twilight's Library 11:10 AM

Twilight (reading): ...When the Princesses found out what befell the Fey afterwards. they had Cerberus guard the gates. For it is said that if Cerberus ever left his post a group of Fey will escape and try to destroy the Element of Harmony.

The unicorn had put the book away and decided to read the other one until Apple Bloom came up to the mare and asked her to play with him.

The Elliptic 11:15 AM

Castor (head turned): Why dis you asked about dragon statues.

Rasalhauge: Becaussse i know who took the magic. That Antaresss can't be trusssted.

Castor: Coming from the guy who wasted his life force in mere illusions. and making deals.

Rasalhauge: My plan'sss perfect. And you sssaid we have a little more than enough to abduct a pony. If we can get one of the unicornsss to join willingly, we can then focusss on getting the other for the ritual.

Castor: Ah yes the ritual. and how do you know your plan will work

Rasalhauge: Becaussse the bearer i found holdsss Generosity, I know that means that she will give when it's time.

The Fey separated.

Rasalhauge (thinking): I need to sssee how the ritual worksss before  i can ssstop it. ssso I'll help neutralize the Elements firssst and then sssabotage the chainsss afterward.

Rasalhauge left the chamber.

Carousel Boutique 6:00 PM

Rarity and Dewdrop Dazzle had been discussing her fashions.

Dewdrop: I think that your style is just what I've been looking for Rarity. My Harmonia mall needs a new clothing shop and Carousel Boutique might be he one.

Rarity: Really?

Dewdrop: I see big things in your future. Well I've gotta go back to Canterlot. We'll be in touch.

Dewdrop left the store. rarity was excited and looked at the clock.

Rarity: Oh dear. I must tell Twilight the good news, and pick up the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Twilight's Library 10:00 PM

The dressmaker pony had entered the tree and saw Twilight reading her new books.

Twilight: Rarity. How did that meeting go?

Rarity: It went perfectly darling. I came to pick up Sweetie Belle and her friends.

The fillies had been busy playing with Spike in the back room.

???: Controllo.

The fillies had stiffened up and walked outside the Library. The unicorns were perplexed by their movements...until they saw the eyes.

Rarity: He wouldn't.

Twilight: Who's he?

Rarity: Never mind. Come on, I know where they're heading.

The dressmaker left the library followed by the librarian.

Twilight: Spike take care of the Library ok?

She saw the dragon passed out and left.

Everfree Forest 11:00 PM

On the way Twilight explained about the Fey Queen and her imprisonment.

Rarity: That bad huh? Why didn't Celestia tell you about this.

Twilight: She probably didn't expect them to emerge from the gates of Tartarus when Cerberus attacked Ponyville.

Rarity: I see.

Twilight: How do you even know the Crusaders would enter this forest tonight.

Rarity: 'Cause i saw them lure Applejack to the circle.

The white unicorn explained her time inside The Elliptic and her encounter and subsequent deal with Rasalhauge.

Twilight: You did what?

Rarity: That Fey had them under his spell the night Applejack got crystallized. I had to make a choice i didn't even want to make. Because it wasn't even a choice at all. That's why I asked you to take care of them yesterday. My time is up Twilight.

Twilight: But you cant expect them to hold up his end of the deal do you.

The dressmaker was silent. They made it to the circle. There they saw the same floating crystal spheres as the other time. The Spheres are conversing. And the fillies are in the center of this circle. She stepping inside the circle next to Pinkie's crystal.

Rarity: Alright I'm here.

Al Rescha: IO fare non credere lo. Lei in veritê doccia su!

Hamal: Lasciare giusto ottenere questo superiore con giê!

The Fey had circled Rarity.

Al Rescha and Hamal: IO chiamare a th potere del stella del Pesce e il Montone. Foca questo generoso anima prima lei rovine ci tutto.

A white circle appeared this time with the signs of the Fish (♓) and The Ram (♈) Appeared. Crystals was covering the white unicorn up.

Rarity (shedding a tear): Farewell my friend.

Al Rescha and Hamal: CRISTALLO INFERNO!

The Clear crystals glowed having fully cover the unicorn. The flash was blinding. When the flash subsided, the spheres disappeared and the crystal coating was left, clear and white. The fillies' spell had worn off. And Twilight took them back to her home and explained to them what happened as the sun rose again.
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devifan2 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2012
This should be put in season 3 because A) One episode in friendship is magic a Cerberus did escape B: Where the name everfree came from
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think I see where this is going. They need the Mane Six to bring back Queen Eltanin of the Nemesis. Excellent... :plotting:
Morningstar-1337 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012   Digital Artist
Thanks finished the chapter btw.
DarthWill3 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the info.

Nice ritual.
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